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Gävlegatan 12b, nedre botten
11330, Stockholm, Sweden


Member of:

(Konstnärernas Riksorganisation, The Swedish Artist´s National Organitzation)

Svenska Konstnärer

(Svenska Fotografers Förbund)

(Centrum för fotografi)

Konsten Att Delta

Amoeba Kollektiv
Represented by Galleri Duerr

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"HUB 2.0", Konstnärshuset Stockholm. Konsten Att Delta
Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, Galleri Duerr.
"Nucleus", Noorderlicht International Photofestival 2017, Groningen. Netherlands
“Naturmystik” Biologiska Museet Stockholm
“HUB”, Konstnärhuset Stockholm
Planket Stockholm, Lilla Mejtens Gränd.
Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, Galleri Duerr.
Salong 2017, Centrum för Fotografi
Fria Fotografers Filial. Kulturhuset Stockholm.
“Community Transit”, Amoeba Kollektiv. Centrum För Fotografi.
Planket Stockholm, Lilla Mejtens Gränd.
Salong 2016, Centrum för Fotografi, Stockholm.
Salong 2015, Centrum för Fotografi, Stockholm.
“The Accidental Potential”, CFF Experimentell, Stockholm.
“Det okända” Konstnärsdrivet pop up-galleri, Vasastan, Stockholm.
“Seascapes” Honey Gallery, Stockholm.
Salong 2014. Centrum för Fotografi. Stockholm.
“Sincronies”, Spanska Institutet, Stockholm.
Salong 2013,.Centrum för Fotografi, Stockholm.
“4 konstnärer”, 6TGallery, Stockholm.
“Från det vita”, Kollängens tingshus, Lidköping.
Salong 2012, Centrum för Fotografi, Stockholm.
Salong 2011, Centrum för Fotografi, Stockholm.
“Silenci”, GrisArt, School of Photography, Barcelona.
“Colors esmorteïts sense resposta”. Fotópsia, Photographisk och audiovisuell festival in Castellbisbal, Barcelona.
“Hibernation” Café Stockholm, Barcelona.
Architecture and photography, Ministry of Construction, Madrid.
GrisArt International School of Photography, Barcelona.
First prize winner of the “7th Concurso Domingo fotográfico Nikon” ,Barcelona.

Amoeba : Kollektiv
Amoeba Kollektiv is a collaboration between Serinyà, Hans Malm, and Vendela Grundell. In the Spring of 2014, we participated in the group exhibition The Unknown (Det okända) initiated by Serinyà as part of his exhibition concept 6T Gallery. Nine, mainly photo-based, artists took on a 1625 sqm garage during six intense hours.

After the exhibition, the three of us continued talking about different new projects – all starting with the idea that this kind of intervention is an enriching challenge for our own photographic work and for the photography field at large.

We call our group Amoeba because we share an interest in letting the result of our collaboration be shaped by the current space: a physical gallery, a publication, a geographical location, a time slot, or some other limitation that sets a frame or a stage for our work.

Art is the experimental branch of philosophy.

Allegory of the cave homage selfportrait.
My work is about the nonvisible.

I am deeply influenced by the thoughts and ideas of fellow artist Joan Fontcuberta (Barcelona,1955) in relation to photography´s nature.
This is one of the reasons my attention has primarily centered on the characteristics of what remains invisible to the viewer.
Concerned about the extraordinary power of what is not seen..all type of concealed layers, hidden in plain sight, are the center of obsessive artistic exploration.
In this complex hide-and-seek game, there is a transcendental moment. When a glitch, a hole, some kind of anomaly reveals a new reality, hidden right in front of the audience eyes.

The resulting works arise questions that revolve around perception, truth, mysteries, beliefs...and also the nature of photography itself.

Noises of the Silent Land at the Noorderlicht International Photo-festival Netherland.
Planket Stockholm 2016
Fria Fotografers Filial Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
Comunity Transit
Installation at 6Tgallery Stockholm Photo: Hans Malm